7.4.19 Day Off

Image Credit: Goodreads.com

For some of you, today may be a day off. It’s my first holiday in… I don’t know how long. Last night when I was setting my alarms, I was so unsure of what to do.

Do I get up at my normal time and try to be productive?

What was I thinking? A day off is a DAY OFF!

Even on weekends, I get up by 8am and hit the books by noon. Household chores accomplished and the dog walked and ready for a nice, long nap. Often, I won’t have eaten either. Maybe an iced coffee to wake me up, but other than that it is straight to work.

This morning I was still up early to take care of my dog, but when I got back inside, I plopped down on the couch and took out my iPad to start writing. Yes, I purposely write on my iPad because opening up my laptop would mean opening up the device that holds all of my actual work to do.

I downloaded a beach read and lucky me! Apple Books is having a sale on summer reads, so I got mine for super cheap.

Who knows what else this day holds. Maybe I’ll start binging season 3 of Stranger Things. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice lunch. If it wasn’t so cloudy and dreary (odd weather for where I live) I’d probably be lounging at the pool. One thing I do know is that my laptop is going to remain in my work bag. Anything I want to write or read can be done on my iPad. I am making a conscious effort to take a break!

If today is a holiday for you too, I hope it is peaceful and relaxing. And while you are enjoying fireworks tonight, I will be reassuring my dog that the loud booms in the sky will not hurt him 😉

See you all in the next post!

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