One Nice Day

“This sure is the life,” Kailey said, looking over at Marissa.

They had just gone for a swim in the apartment complex pool and were drying off in the hot sun. Kailey listened to the children splashing around in the shallow end. The jets of water arcing over the pool added to the resort-atmosphere her complex was aiming to achieve. In her old city, she never would have been able to afford a place like this. This was one of the small benefits that made moving away from her friends and family a little less terrible. 

Kailey and Marissa had promised each other they would actually relax this holiday. They were work friends and extremely dedicated to their shared field. Many nights were spent calming each other down when the anxiety from work demands got to be too much. The last few months had proven to be extremely challenging. A few times Kailey questioned if she had it in her to stick around. Then, she discovered the wonderful thing known as time off. No, she wasn’t taking vacations, but she was making an effort not to bring her work home as much. She blocked out times that were meant for resting and recharging.

Today was one of those days. 

Kailey had put her phone on airplane mode to block out all of the problems in her life. Nothing seemed to go right anymore. Anything she tried failed. She was being worn thin from supporting everyone else. She turned up the music on her phone and closed her eyes. How nice it must be to live this way every day. Maybe one day her pride won’t prevent her from just dropping everything and being happy again. She felt like she was slowly getting to that point. For now, she had today.

 And that would be enough. 

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