I Actually Feel Refreshed

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Another Sunday. I was scrolling through my posts and I realized in addition to the other categories I write about, I really enjoy this short little updates about how my day went. I have no clue if I am going to be able to keep up with this daily, but at least for me, I want to attempt to journal my days.

I stayed in bed until 11am… I felt so guilty about it at first. Then, I asked myself why not? The chores are done. I have no obligations until the afternoon. Why not just take a morning to myself to read a good book, write some for fun, and just relax?

I met up with the ex again. We’ve both been making an effort to have mature conversations about what went down. It’s weird to think that if the world was perfect, we would be husband and wife. I don’t quite know how to act around him. We had lived together. We were in a relationship for over five years. And now, I have no clue what we are. Friendly. At least we are friendly.

I wanted to go on a run today, but it has been so hot. I can’t step outside without immediately sweating. Knowing me, if I attempted to go run now, I’d faint from the heat. I faint in large crowds. I faint if I lock my knees for too long. So, that fear is not that wild.

My plans for tonight? Of course, watching the latest episode of Big Little Lies. I loved the book and season 1. Season 2 is holding up, so that’s one thing in my life that hasn’t been a dissapointment lately (ha ha).

I think what I am most surprised about is that I am actually recharged. Typically, I work all Saturday and then Sunday morning. That leaves me Sunday afternoon/evening to rest. By the time I am going to bed, I am absolutely dreading going back to work. I’ve started actually taking the weekends off, and guess what.

I am READY to get back to work tomorrow.

I’m not exactly looking forward to it, but I feel very energized and motivated to be productive. Hmmmm. Maybe I should make relaxing through the weekend a normal thing 😉

Until next time…

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