Lots and lots of writing

Image Credit: LFSMusings

And Monday is here again. I opened up my computer ready to start the day and wishing I had a second monitor because I have offically reached the point of needing way too many windows open. I have also reached the point of needing to bring a blanket to work because I sit in front of the AC vent and in the hot summers, that thing is blasting 24/7. No wonder I choose to lunch outside when it’s 97 F out.

I managed to get a lot of writing done over the weekend. I’m really happy about it. 4 more blog posts (not including by Today’s Musing posts), and I’ve reached chapter 5 of my novella. It has been so therapeutic for me and something I truly look forward to doing every second that I can. It’s even better when I can grab a lounge chair by the pool after work and start furiously typing on my iPad.

A new thing I have started is writing for a minimum of 10 minutes every day in a journal. That’s right. Pen and paper. Zero electronic distractions. Some of it makes it into the blog or in my novella. Most of it remains in the journal. It feels 100% safe. I’ve finding that I’ve been writing in the third person a lot. Perhaps, it’s a sign that I am not ready to really accept where I am at–it’s easier to attribute my situation to a third party. Regardless, I force myself to do it. Even when my hand is burning from fatigue and I’d rather just type out everything in half the time.

It feels like no matter how much rest I get, I’m still exhausted. Maybe I’m really burnt out. After everything that’s happened. I’m not sure how to get back.

Until next time…

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