What’s A Perfect Life?

Everyone wants to convince the world that their lives are perfect. You do it. I do it. Your family does it. We all do it.

Even on my other blogging platforms where I talk about struggles going on in my life, I make a point to say that I am moving forward… I’m working hard… I’ll be okay… I am strong.

Only here, on this mostly-anonymous platform can I say that I’m actually having a hard time. I’m in a rut. Or a giant valley. And it feels like there’s no way out.

Well, not exactly true. It feels like the only way out is to drop everything, move, and start entirely new. And you know, that could be the ideal move. Except very few people are able to just quit their job, break a lease, and start over whenever they want. So, I feel stuck.

It’s like everything keeps going wrong, and no matter what I do, nothing changes.

I post pictures of me working hard and enjoying life on the weekends. I make posts about having compassion and forgiveness. But, I am too afraid to tell anyone about this blog platform. Maybe they’ll find it. Maybe clueing them into just how much I am struggling will be helpful.

For now, I can’t do it. I’m too ashamed.

It’s silly, really. I know everyone struggles. I know 99% of social media is fake. You see what they want you to see. I know we just have to be more honest about where we are at. We have to stop faking happiness and a perfect life for the sake of getting more likes and follows.

Maybe one day I will get to that point. Maybe one day I’ll let those in my life know about this platform. For now, I scroll through my other blogs and think about how those perfect lives we advertise are not as authentic as we believe.

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