Slowly Losing Steam

Image Credit: iStockphoto

Got into work a little later than usual. I was expecting to be the last person in. I was the second person in. What’s happening? I’m assuming I’m not the only one who has reached a rut. It’s almost mid-July. It reaches 90 F by noon. It seems like everyone is in a similar place as I am… general apathy.

Thank goodness I can use headphones at work. My music and podcasts get me through the long days. I’m not sure what I would do if the only sounds I heard were fingers typing and the never-ending humming from the various pieces of lab equipment.

I was shivering today. Because I am in writing mode at work (some people hate it and want to get back to the bench. I LOVE writing phases), I can be a little more relaxed when it comes to clothing. Of course because it’s so hot out, I went for shorts. Silly me thought I could handle the AC blasting in front of me all day. Instead, I sat criss-cross applesauce in my chair in an attempt to warm up. First world problems.

Another first world problem? Forgetting to update my LinkedIn profile. I rarely use it, but as my very professional friend pointed out… I need to. Because I won’t be in graduate school forever, and I will need a job at some point. So, thus started updating my experiences and interests.

Overall, it was a slow day for me. I can feel the lack of motivation from everyone and it’s definitely not helping me stay focused. I’m trying to figure out how to get back into the zone, but I’m not sure I want to go back to working 15-hour days. That is what led to this current burnout.

Until next time…

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