Baking In The Sun

Image Credit: LFSMusings

You know when it’s really hot out, and you’re expecting a refreshing breeze? Your hair is lifted off of your sweaty neck, and you’re waiting for the aaaah moment?

Today is so hot, that the wind is also hot. It feels like a giant hair dryer is behind teasing the thought of cool breeze that will never come. My lunch was cut in half because I couldn’t stand being outside anymore. Of course, I could eat inside, but after spending five hours at a desk indoors, I’d rather spend some time outside.

My weekend inside time has been productive, as I’m sure you’ve seen. The blogs and chapters seem to be writing themselves. Have I reached that point where I wish I had a separate personal computer from my work computer? 100%. I envy those people who can close their laptops with all of their work and have a fun laptop. Maybe one day… when I’m earning more than a graduate student stipend.

My nights have been filled with reading for pleasure –not that reading for my work is not fun–but sometimes, you need something a little different. I’ve been trying to improve my writing skills (this blog is one way I have been practicing) and trying new techniques and styles.

I have lots of plans, and I am trying to balance it all. I think it’s going better than before. I have a clearer vision of how I manage my time. We shall see if it is sucessful for the rest of this week.

Until next time…

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