Her Life Has Changed

He still hasn’t realized it, but his actions would affect her for the rest of her life.

Would she trust again? Maybe in a few years. Maybe after letting a few good ones go because she could never really believe they’d want to be with her.

Would she be celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary thinking, “If he hadn’t left I’d be celebrating 25 years now.”

Would she be telling her grandchildren stories from her life and saying, “If he hadn’t left I would never have met your grandfather.”

Yes, he has affected her profoundly. She knows that she would be affected…

Collateral damage

What she didn’t realize was how bothered she would be by his ignorance. His bliss. Only at her absolute lowest did he show a glimmer of understanding—that he had affected her. That he was not the only victim in this situation.

She now knows she should have been taking care of herself. She shouldn’t have spent so much time healing the person who caused her wounds.

She works towards valuing herself. She works towards not being the superhero. She’s moving in the right direction.

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