Fancy Dinner!

Image Credit: Perry’s Steakhouse

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve made it to the end of the week.

My week started out really rough. I’ll be honest. Some days, I didn’t think I would make it out of bed. Wednesday onwards, I’ve been feeling better and better. I’ve been more motivated. I don’t feel like I’m in a neverending pit of despair.

It is unbearably hot, yet again. I suffer through it because I really value the time I can spend outdoors. Maybe this weekend I’ll lounge by the pool and get some reading and writing done.

While I am taking more breaks and time for myself, I am still getting the same amount of work done as I was before. In fact, the quality of work may actually be better. Crazy how that works right? You take care of yourself and then you can work at your full potential in the time allotted.

The plans for tonight? It’s treat yourself night. Shopping and a fancy dinner to wrap up the week. Yes. Fancy dinner is at fancy Perry’s Steakhouse. I am so excited. My mouth is already watering.

Tomorrow? I’m seeing the Spiderman movie again. I know. Don’t even say it. I am surprised myself considering I am really not super into the Marvel universe. It was just so sweet and funny! Also, the person I am going with looks just like Tom Holland which is added entertainment. I’ll update how my treat yourself night went!

Until next time…

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