The Best Appetizer EVER

Image Credit: LFSMusings

Oh my goodness. Last night was soooooo yummy. Want evidence? See above. Yes, I am a love of steak and blue cheese and all things in between. Dinner was not only delicious food, but great conversation. I talked more than I have in a while and listened a lot too. I’ve missed that.

It was a very successful treat yourself night. I picked up a new Tory Burch bag. It’s white and classy AF. And I am going to wear it all year round because I think the rule where you can’t wear white after Labor Day is ridiculous.

I must have mentioned that I watched all of Stranger Things season 3 in one day, because I learned that my friend has not seen any of the show. Obviously, I had to get them to start watching that night. So, after dinner we went ahead and watched the first three epsiodes. I think it’s safe to say, I have them hooked.

Today has been sloooooooow. I woke up way later than I expected to, and now I feel really guilty about it. I got straight to writing and starting up my new Science Blog section. I spend all of my days focusing on very specific topics related to my research. I thought it would be fun to allow myself to read some totally random science articles and blog about it!

Still super excited to see Spiderman 2 again. It’s one of those cool movie theaters where you can order full dinner there! Usually, I just go for the parmesan and herb popcorn with a chocolate shake–the perfect movie snack in my mind. Okay, maybe some warm chocolate chip cookies also.

I hope your weekends are off to a great start and that you find time to relax!

Until next time…

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