Slooooow Monday

Image Credit: LFSMusings

Well, I missed a daily musing yesterday. I felt pretty guilty about it, but I was sick 😦

The weekend was overall great–even though I was sick. Spiderman 2 definitely held up the second time. If you remember, I treated myself to a new bag (pictured above). I love it. It makes me feel so sophisticated.

This morning wasn’t very fun. I had such a hard time getting up (as I always do on Mondays). It was even worse because I woke up to several notifications of someone who found my vlogs and ranted on all of them. It’s never fun to deal with trolls :/

It’s mid-July, which means another scorching day. I should’ve spent my sick day at the pool.

What about today? Well, another work day. I’m feeling motivated and productive, despite being exhausted. I didn’t write at all yesterday, so I will try catching up on that and then going to bed early.

Overall, it’s a slow Monday. That’s okay as long as I’m still moving forward.

Until next time…