What Am I Fighting For?

Image Credit: TalkSpace.com

It’s hard to fight for something when the other person doesn’t care.

It’s hard not to question your worth when you are tossed aside every other day.

It’s hard not to question if you will ever be loved again.

You were so close to marriage—to starting a new life with someone. That someone was your entire world for almost 25% of your lifetime.

You were best friends. The time you spent together was formative and life-changing. And then? Then, you learned about the lies. You learned the true thoughts and opinions of you.

What if you’re tricked again?

What if everyone else sees the same things he does?

Can you let yourself fall in love when there is that much risk?

It was so painful. It is still so painful. You don’t want to go through it again. You start to think it’s easier to just be alone. You were alone and happy before.

You feel a need to prove your worth to him. You feel a need to show him what he threw away. It’s not about winning him back. It’s about showing him, everyone, you that you’re worth something.

You aren’t nothing. You aren’t easily tossed aside. You’re a human being. You have things to offer the world.

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