Yummy Cupcakes

Image Credit: iStockphoto

What a mess! I woke up late today, and it totally threw off my whole morning. My sleep schedule is very off, and I need to get it back on track. I used to be an early riser and would go to bed around 11 PM. Now? Now, I may be awake until 3 AM.

I’ve been reading more on academic/Phd threads on Twitter. It is nice knowing I am not the only one struggling and feeling lost. I am in what is called the Second Year Pit of Despair… Not sure when I am getting out of it, but it seems like this rut is common and definitely not permanent.

I’m working more on my science blog. It’s harder than I thought it would be. I wish I had started doing this before I got into my doctoral studies. I feel like my focus is so narrow it is hard for me to explain things simply and to a general audience. I guess it’s better to start late than never!

Still making progress at work, and I’m finding time to work on my book and blog at home. Yesterday, I went from work to a cute, little bakery. There, I snacked on a cupcake while I annotated more of an article for the science section. I’m tempted to do it again tonight!

Until next time…

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