New Books, Classes, and a Laptop…?

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A better start to the day. Last night, I was able to relax and sleep at a normal time (aka 1 AM instead of my usual 3 AM).

And I remembered a book was released that I have been waiting for. The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory! I know. The girl who blogs about her wedding being called off is reading a book about weddings and brides. Worth it. I love reading novels about women of color where their race and ethnicity are not plot points. Just normal stuff.

I did something wild… I invested in a writing laptop. I have been using one computer for all my work and personal things, and I was getting way too distracted that way. At work, I would want to blog. At home, I would want to work. So, I went on the Apple refurbished store (nothing wrong with used products!), and snagged up a “cheap” laptop so I can separate everything. Plus, I keep seeing posts about grad students’ computers being stolen and all of their work being lost. I am terrified of that happening.

What’s happening tonight? I am officially ending my hiatus from Chinese classes! That’s right. I will be restarting my Chinese lessons and hopefully remembering everything I had learned before. We will see how that goes!

Until next time…