Why Must I Uproot?

Photo by Caio Cardenas on Pexels.com

Those stress headaches? The ones that seem to come out of nowhere? I’ve been dealing with those for months now.

Work causes them.

My “relationship” causes them.

There is always stress. There is always anxiety.

I think things are fixed, but then they go back to the way they were. I’ve tried everything. What else can I do?

Major things happened to me. As a result, I must make drastic changes to get out of it.

It doesn’t seem fair. If I didn’t choose this, why must I be the one to uproot my life?

The headaches make me sleep a lot. Not much writing. Not much studying. Not much reading. Not much watching TV. Just sleep until the pain subsides.

I can’t wait until I reach a point where this doesn’t happen.

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