I don’t wanna do my homework!

Image Credit: a24films

The Farewell was so amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it. I especially didn’t think there would be so much dialogue in Mandarin. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to understand a good bit of it without subtitles! I guess my lessons are paying off 🙂

A lab mate recently reached out to me and opened up about their personal struggles. I was shocked to hear that they are going through a very similar experience I am. I had no idea that the person two desks away was also struggling with feeling inadequate and unworthy. I thought I was entirely alone. I thought I was the only one in my lab questioning all of my life choices. It helps knowing that’s not true. I’m not sure it has added any stability to my life, but I don’t feel so afraid.

What’s next for today? Well, I’m supposed to be doing my Chinese homework. Maybe I’ll get to some of it. A relaxing Saturday sounds pretty nice, though. Then, I’m off to a super cool independent bookstore and then ice cream with friends! I am very happy I have found fellow book-lovers. I am no longer that weird kid who would rather read than go play video games.

I am still sweating every time I step outside because it is so. dang. hot. Even my dog prefers staying inside. The dream is to move somewhere that’s temperate all year long. Extreme temperatures are for short vacations only.

Well, off to read amazing books, eat some good ice cream, and neglect my homework a little more.

Until next time…