I’m Sorry…?

Image Credit: fotosearch.com

Another day, another fight. It was just like all of the others. They fought for hours. It went around in circles. She thought they had moved onto another topic, but suddenly they were back at the beginning.

The fights always ended the same too. They would eventually get tired of arguing, and things were just drift away. A simple,

“What do you want for dinner?”

could end the entire fight. They’d pretend like nothing was wrong and just move forward.

No matter what, she also always apologized. Like clockwork. The fight would fizzle out, and then the guilt would set in.

She’d type out the apology text so quickly. He always accepted it. He would apologize too. Never first. She always made the first move.

Why? Why was she apologizing? She was loyal. She was honest. She was considerate.

The fights spawned from his disloyalty and his dishonesty. She was standing up for herself. Why did she feel so guilty for doing that? She had done it for as long as she could remember. All he had to do was give her one sad look and she was regretting everything she said. She was apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

She realized she was asking him to forgive her for wanting more… for demanding respect and honesty. Would it go on like this forever? She had stopped apologizing. It seemed like he was just waiting for it now. He knew eventually he would win. He just had to pout for long enough.

They had reached the usual point in the argument when they both grew quiet. He was waiting. She could see him remaining strong.

She looked up and took a breath. He met her gaze, and she could tell he was waiting for the apology to come. He was ready with his and then they could just get on with their day and have the same fight in a few days.

She surprised him.


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