Venturing into book reviews?

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Finished The Wedding Party, and it was just as good as I hoped it would be. I absolutely love Jasmine Guillory’s style. Many people may take it for granted, but reading about people who look like me without it being a major plot point is a big deal. It confirms that I am normal and people who look like me can be lead characters and fall in love.

If you couldn’t guess, I read a lot. As in 2-3 books every two weeks. My wallet hates me, but my family loves me. My mom and I both use Apple Books and can share books that are purchased. I love the feel of an actual book so I try to read those also. I just feel more guilty buying them because I cannot share them so easily with my family (they live 1,000 miles away).

It got me thinking though… maybe I should start reviewing books. As I have started writing more, I read differently. I don’t just read for enjoyment, but for education too. How is dialogue written? How do point of views change? How can I develop my characters in a certain amount of space? I jot down short notes in my writing notebook along with new ideas and short passages that I can convert into longer segments for my works in progress.

I counted the months and I am going on month 8 without any vacation or beak. I think that is part of why I am so burnt out. I have lost so much motivation and have considered changing career paths multiple times. I am in a major rut, and it feels like I can’t get out of it. I’m pushing myself to keep going and to just wait for things to get better, but I am losing steam. I am questioning if pushing through is worth the toll it’s taking on my mental health. I am hoping that soon I can update and say I am finally going on vacation and taking a break that’s longer than 48 hours.

Until next time…

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