The Lion King and many books

Image Credit: Disney

I think last I updated, I had started The Silent Patient. Well, it’s been what… 24 hours? I not only finished that, but I started and finished The Joy Luck Club. Two very different books and both brought me a lot of joy.

I have been working hard on my bookstagram and reviewing books. I am very excited for where that will take me. Reading has always been a major passion of mine. I never thought about reviewing anything. I never thought anyone cared about my opinion on books. I guess they do.

The Lion King was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I am a 90s baby which means I was watching the movie and playing pretend as Simba and Nala in pre-school. Seeing the live action with such incredible animation and music was a great way to spend a Sunday.

Later? Another coffee shop. Another book. I will be starting The Whisper Network. I will let you know how it is! For now, check out my review of The Silent Patient and stay tuned for my review of more books (one will be posted tomorrow for sure).

I am ready to start another work week, though I won’t say I’m particularly excited about it. Slowly making my way out of this rut and hopefully onto better, happier times.

Until next time…

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