Pretty Girls

Image Credit: LFSMusings

I am the type of reader who imagines myself in the novel. DO NOT DO THAT.

This book was honestly terrifying. A page turner for sure, but it kept me up at night the same way a horror film would. I don’t shy away from dark subject matter. I am an avid fan of shows like Criminal Minds and Hannibal. This was in that league. Maybe even a step further on the violence scale for me.

Overall, the book had me enthralled. I don’t know if I read fast to get through the gore subject matter or because I was desperately hoping for the happy ending. Either way, I had to pace myself when reading.

So if you can get past the violence, you will find this book to be a gripping thriller that you can’t put down. My recommendation? Don’t read it right before bed. Maybe don’t read it when you’re about to eat. It has been the most graphic and disturbing thriller I have read thus far, and it was great.