Happee Birthdae, Harry!

That’s right! It’s also my dog’s 14th birthday, so that’s exciting!

It’s another hot day. 101 degrees F. I’ve basically accepted that I won’t be wearing makeup or having nice hair until fall comes. My saving grace is that I am still in writing mode at work so I can be a little more lenient with what I wear. I have no clue what I would be doing if I needed to be in long jeans right now.

I’ve been working hard. Reviewing books. Writing. Making moves to try and partner with publishers to review books. I’m a new book blogger, so as expected, that goal is not working out haha.

What’s tonight? There is an outdoor movie event showing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with food trucks and live music. Yea, it’ll probably be incredibly hot, but hopefully it cools down.

It’s a typical Wednesday. Kind of exhausted. Kind of losing motivating. Just gotta get over the hump, and then on to the weekend!

Until next time…

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