The roar of life

Image Credit: iStock

The roar of the steam roller deafened her. She had her headphones in trying to listen to the latest true crime podcast, but it was nearly impossible. Cars whizzed by, honking at the traffic piling up from the nearby construction.

She was sitting outside despite the 90 F weather. Her office was windowless and freezing. Her regular lunch spot was her oasis. She appreciated the shade cast by the striped umbrella perched above the table as a gentle breeze swept the hair across her face. She used her pinky to extract a piece of hair from her glossed lips and took a bite from the chicken panini in front of her.

Did anyone ever just calm down… take a break? It was like everyone had somewhere urgent to be at all times. Of course, she also always had somewhere urgent to be. She opened up her planner and groaned at the long list of to-dos that had yet to be accomplished.

She heard rustling beside her. To her surprise a small rabbit had hopped up to her table. She glanced at her panini and then looked back down at the rabbit.

“Sorry, buddy. I’m not sure if you can eat any of this food.”

The rabbit gave her one more pleading look before searching for food in the grass around itself.

She continued watching the rabbit live so freely and blissfully. Why couldn’t she have that too? Oh, but she could! She just didn’t allow herself to. She hadn’t taken a proper vacation in years. There was always more to do. There was always something keeping her back.

Or so she thought.

The world would keep going if she took a break. Her job would survive a week without her.

She pulled out her calendar and attempted to find the least busy week that wasn’t a holiday when travel would be atrocious. Quickly she sent an email to her boss asking for some time off. The response was quick:

It’s about time!

So this is what it felt like to have a vacation coming up. This is how people felt when they were excited to do something other than work. She could definitely get used to this. It made the seemingly endless days of working long hours in a world where everyone was trying to move as fast as possible bearable.

She needed to do this more often.

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