Finally Friday

Image Credit: LFSMusings

It’s finally Friday, and I am so relieved. I had a really, really productive day at work, and I’m feeling motivated again. I still recognize that I need break times, but as of now, I’m not constantly dreading everything.

My first Book of the Month box shipped! I cannot wait to receive that blue box and dive into my three new books (stay tuned for what I ordered). If you want to earn a free book from the site, email me: lfsmusings @ gmail (dot) com.

Tonight is early dinner with a friend and then my Chinese class. It’s hard having a social life and hobbies while in grad school, and I am already looking forward to going to bed tonight.

This weekend will be split between reading for fun, writing, and studying. Emphasis on the studying part. August is going to go by fast which is both good and bad since it is a stressful month.

I hope you are having great Fridays and have relaxing weekends ahead of you!

Until next time…