Someone We Know

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

I have always been a fan of Shari Lapena. This only confirmed what was already known.

This was not like a typical mystery thriller I’ve read before. It followed several points of view and gives bits of information with each one. From that, you are able to start piecing together what happened. I was able to predict the ending, but it didn’t make it any less enjoyable for me. In fact, I felt a sense of accomplishment for solving a whodunit.

While reading, I kept thinking of it as a mystery Desperate Housewives or home owners’ association gone wrong type of situation. I never knew which characters to trust and which to note down as my predicted suspect.

It is definitely a quick and easy read. You won’t be staying up at night scared out of your mind, but there will be enough suspense to keep you turning the pages.

It’s honestly hard to put my finger on what exactly made this so enjoyable. It seems I’m not alone just based on other reviews I’ve read. Maybe it’s insights into so many characters lives, maybe it’s how stories intertwine in ways you had not thought of before, maybe it really is because I was able to solve the crime based on the clues given. What I do know is, this is a great summer thriller to read by the pool when you want something other than a typical romance novel.

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