Productive Mondays

Image Credit: LFSMusings

What a productive day! I didn’t wake up as early as I would have liked. My allergies have been pretty bad lately. They make my eyes itch and make me feel groggy overall. Despite this, I was able to accomplish a lot.

I got a lot done at work. My presentation is almost complete (except for one remaining slide) and my studying is going well. The other presentation I had got postponed. I finished that over the weekend, but at least now I don’t have to worry about it for a while.

I still need to do my Chinese homework for today. Remember in college when professors told you to spread out your studying? It works! And, as a TA, I tell my students that too. Of course, they don’t actually listen to me.

As you can see in the picture above, I procured a new bookshelf and built it last night. It was surprisingly easy, and now, my books aren’t stacked really high in front of my TV. I started Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I can see why everyone loves this book. I am enjoying it a lot, I just can’t help but think there is a lot more to Eleanor that will be revealed…

Perhaps in tomorrow’s update, I can tell you that my Book of the Month August Box was delivered and I have more books for my shelves!

Until next time…

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