Reward or Necessity?

So, what is self care exactly? When do you do it? Do you only allow for self care after you’ve gone through a period of extremely hard work?

That’s what I used to do.

I wouldn’t allow myself a break or period of treating myself unless I achieved a specific level of success.

That was a terrible move. It led to long periods of working without a break. I was burnt out. What did I learn?

Self care is a necessary addition to your life… not a reward.

Treating yourself? Yes, that’s a reward for a job well done. Self care is making sure you are healthy and well so that you can achieve your goals. Are you sleeping and eating enough? Are you resting your mind? Are you exercising? Are you getting out or are you isolating yourself?

All of these things can affect your productive and your work-life balance. And while it may seem like these things are distractions, they will allow you to be a better worker.

I didn’t understand the difference between taking care of myself and rewarding myself. 99% of my work experience has been in environments where you don’t take breaks until you’ve reached your goal. And the goal must be big. I now realize why so many people were quietly miserable at those places.

The environment I am in now is still like that. However, I’m taking charge of my own life. I’m not letting peer pressure work me to the ground. There will be periods where I am working a lot with no relief, but that is not sustainable. I get through the phase and then get back to a more balanced life.

I’m not only happier, but healthier.

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