A finished notebook?

Image Credit: LFSMusings

Happy Wednesday! We are about halfway through the work week!

There was no update yesterday. The day was a little busy and ended with a migraine 😦 I rested my eyes from all of the screens and books and listened to some podcasts and shows I’ve already watched on Netflix. My current read is Tiny by Kim Hooper. I found it in my local independent bookstore, and it’s great! I tried to pace myself when reading, but I am reading it just as fast (maybe faster) than my other books.

It’s incredibly hot still. I (and my dog) stay inside for as much as possible. He’s fine with it. He just likes to nap and play with toys. I get work done and then read when I need a break.

I am not-so-patiently waiting for my Book of the Month books to arrive. I have a feeling they will come today or tomorrow. I am just impatient, and the tracking hasn’t moved for 3 days now.

What’s the plan for today? Well, I am proud to say I have actually finished a notebook. You don’t think that’s a big deal? When was the last time you actually used up all of the pages in a notebook? For me, it’s been never. I always buy a new notebook before I reach that point. Mostly because I see a cute notebook, and I want it. Well. I finished one. And I need another. So Off to the office supply store. And then probably a coffeeshop after dinner to do more work! That’s one good thing about my area. There are a few 24-hour coffeeshops so I can work with minimal distractions.

Say some prayers for my books!

Until next time…

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