Lock Every Door

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

This is the first Riley Sager (pseudonym) book I’ve read before, and I’m so glad I did! I finished in about 5 hours and could not put it down. This had just the right amount of suspense and thrill. Add in the paranormal aspects and it’s the perfect psychological thriller for me. 

Our protagonist, Jules, comes across a job in a very fancy and very exclusive apartment building. She has dreamed of this building her entire life (her favorite book is about it), and this job seems too good to be true. Probably because it is. 

When her new friend and fellow resident goes missing, she begins investigating if something more sinister is going on behind these walls. My heart was pounding as she slowly reveals more secrets of this mysterious building. This story had so many turns. I had zero predictions about where this was going. When I thought I had maybe solved it, another twist came. 

I seriously enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading more of Sager’s work!