Never Have I Ever

Image Credit: LFSMusings

2.5/5 stars

Did I read the same book as everyone else? It seems I may be in the very small group that did not like this book. 

It started out good. The premise is very intriguing, and I was curious to see how this popular game could ruin lives. I learned the Never Have I Ever confession early on and the remainder of the book was a cat-and-mouse, will-she-won’t-she story that got dragged out. It could have been more suspenseful if areas weren’t dragged out and giving too much detail. 

Most of my issues stem from a dislike of the characters. I don’t think I truly enjoyed any of them. It felt like I was reading about a group of neighborhood women stuck in high school with more “adult” secrets they couldn’t own up to.

I also had no clue how the protagonist’s struggles with weight, eating, and fat-shaming/fat-phobia added to the plot or character development. Honestly, there should be a trigger warning for this. That along with the blatantly ignorant use of “spirit animals” as a main plot point in the beginning solidified that this was not the book for me. 

It was a great concept, but the execution missed the mark. I have heard her other general fiction books are great so perhaps it’s just this domestic thriller that was lacking. 

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