My Sister, the Serial Killer

Image Credit: LFSMusings

4/5 stars

Korede is the older, responsible sister. Ayoolah is a free-spirit, beautiful, and a serial killer. Korede takes over after the murders to clan everything up and protect her family. Things get a little complicated when the man Korede secretly loves asks for Ayoolah’s number. Will Korede keep protecting her sister or instead, protect the man she loves?

What a great story. It’s relatively short, and I finished in one day. The chapters are at most a few pages, providing a quick and entertaining read. This was dark and satirical. It took some time for me to get used to the style, but I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. The plot lines were weaved perfectly together and gave a glimpse into how the vivid characters developed into who they are now.

Oyin Braithwaite delivered a witty murder story that had me desperate for more when I reached the end.