The Escape Room

Image Credit: LFSMusings

4/5 stars

Four ruthless investment bankers must work together in an escape room. But this is not your typical and fun challenge you complete with family and friends. This is life or death. This novel weaves together past and present as the characters must face their choices and determine why they were picked for this game.

While I found it unrealistic, I really enjoyed this book. This is what I had hoped from The Whisper Network. It delivered a suspenseful and thrilling tale. It follows corporate America and some of the ugly truths that occur behind closed doors. It kept me turning the pages and desperately rooting for our protagonists to get the endings they deserved.

I had an idea of some of the reveals and truths behind the web of lies, but still found the twists very satisfying. There was some sensitive material (i.e. accounts of sexual harassment) that could require a trigger warning, so be aware before reading.

This was a book I couldn’t put down. I brought it with me everywhere so I could read whenever I had a few moments to spare. The characters were described fully and I was given glimpses into their development that motivated their current behaviors. This took getting stuck on an elevator with someone you can’t stand to a whole other level.

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