The Gifted School

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

The town of Crystal, Colorado is stirred up when an exclusive school for gifted children is opened. Four friends are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get their children admitted to the school. As the admissions process progresses, people’s true natures are exposed and dark secrets are revealed. 

I really enjoyed this novel. It feels especially relevant in the context of current events… This story examines the fierce competition and standards students must face in school and the lengths parents are willing to go to push their children to success. 

I appreciated the pacing of this book. There were several main characters, which in the beginning could be hard to keep track of. Chapters were relatively short and changed perspectives to show you more and more of the story. It kept me interested, which was honestly a bit surprising. I did not expect a story about admissions into an exclusive school to be such a page turner for me. 

The story really picked up at the end with a major twist. I didn’t see it coming and when I reached that point, I actually found it very thrilling. This was a great book that managed to turn a topic one might think as boring, into something truly intriguing.

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