Searching for Sylvie Lee

Image Credit: LFSMusings

4/5 stars

Sylvie, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, returns to the Netherlands to say goodbye to her dying grandmother. She never returns. Her younger sister, Amy, retraces Sylvie’s steps as she attempts to find her missing sister. 

What a gripping story. While I wouldn’t classify this as a thriller, this dramatic story kept me turning the pages. Interlaced with excerpts about the Chinese immigrant experience is a powerful story about family, loyalty, and the dangers that come with keeping secrets. 

This was a moderately paced story that really picked up at the end. Characters’ motivations were elusive, and I never predicted the plot twists to come. The characters were well-developed, and I found myself sympathizing with Amy the entire time. It was obvious that family is more complicated and dynamic than what one sees on the outside, but it was for the reader to determine just how much those complexities would result in Sylvie’s disappearance. 

Overall, this was a great drama that jumped back and forth in the timeline to keep one guessing and learning a bit more with every chapter.