The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

Amy’s estranged husband has unexpectedly reappeared in her life. Is he trying to get back his family after 3 years of living overseas? Amy isn’t sure, but she finds herself on the summer vacation of a lifetime in New York City. On her bookish adventures, she embarks on a journey self discovery and mother empowerment with the help of some good friends. 

I was only expecting a fun, contemporary fiction and romance, but found this book to hold a deeper meaning for me. I think many readers can relate to the bookish and nerdy life that Amy leads. I’m sure many can also relate to the confusion feelings when transition from one relationship to the next. This was a very cute story that had many thought-provoking passages mixed in. While reading about the ultimate summer vacation, I also found myself contemplating my own life values and goals.

I found the characters to be lovable and relatable. I was reminded that we all have our own flaws, but we are capable of of remaining compassionate while also standing up for ourselves. This was a truly wonderful story about a mom just trying to do what’s best for her children and learning she deserves a bit of self care too.

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