The Angry Adoptee You Created.

So you think I am just an angry adoptee. You’re frustrated that I talk about some hard stuff. You don’t understand why I wouldn’t just see my life as a huge blessing.

Let me clue you in to something.

I was not angry until you invalidated my experiences. I was not angry until you tone policed me. I was not angry until you dictated how I should feel about my own life.

The anger comes when you don’t listen. The anger comes when you immediately write me off because I won’t say what you want to hear. The anger comes from repeatedly explaining my experiences and seeing mistakes repeated by those who refuse to acknowledge adoptee voices.

I get angry when I try to share my perspective and my messages are co-opted by parents trying to promote their own agendas. I get angry when people use me to try and gain permission for behavior they don’t want to change.

I fully acknowledge the privileges I gained from being raised by my adoptive family. Those privileges don’t erase my biological family and the family separation we endured.

Perhaps when you call me an angry adoptee, you are really are just projecting your own anger. Anger from discomfort and defensiveness. Being forced to face the concept that maybe you could do things a little differently.

If you won’t listen to adoptees, then why would you adopt? We don’t stay babies forever.

For a video on my thoughts about angry adoptees, check out this link:

My Adoption Story Pt. 46 | ANGRY Adoptee

All social media links are here:

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