Adopted kids grow up to be (outspoken) adult adoptees.

Image Credit: LFSMusings

I’m not here to provide loopholes. I’m not spending my time answering questions that are so obviously used to gain permission to continue unhealthy behavior. I am not an enabler.

I will have genuine conversations with you that challenge your beliefs. I may play devil’s advocate to force you into considering unknown perspectives.

I’ll call you out when your behavior is unhealthy and harmful to me, an adoptee and woman of color.

I don’t do it because I’m angry. I don’t enjoy having difficult and awkward confrontations with people. I do it for the younger generations of adoptees–those without platforms. Those who are written off because they are “young and don’t understand”.

If society is tired of adult adoptees calling it as we see it, then society needs to change.

Those young adoptees ‘who don’t understand and could never share my opinions’… they grow up into adult adoptees.

What will you do when your grown kid starts calling it as they see it.