Miracle Creek

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

The Miracle Submarine was supposed to be a new treatment to help a myriad or conditions. So, how did it end in the deaths of 2 clients? In this courtroom thriller, you’ll be learning about the lives of clients and owners of the Miracle Submarine as the single mother of an autistic child is on trial for the tragedy.

This was a real page turner for me. I was very intrigued by the level of detail this story had. It felt like 1. The Miracle Submarine exists and 2. I was in the courtroom watching everything happen.

I loved figuring out how the characters related and how they fit into the tragedy. I also appreciated that the story heavily featured Korean Americans (the author is a WOC/Korean American) and gave insights into the experiences of surviving in America as Asian immigrants. I really enjoyed the complexity of this story and definitely recommend it if you want a courtroom thriller with an atypical crime!

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