When You Read This

Image Credit: LFSMusings

4/5 stars

Iris was only 33 when her life was cut short by cancer. Her boss and colleague, Smith, discovers she had a written blog that she hoped would be published as a book posthumously. Smith and his new college intern, Carl, must convince her sister this blog is worth the read to fulfill Iris’s final wish.

I finished this romantic comedy in 2 days. The entire story is told in the form of online correspondences (emails, blogs, texts, etc.). The format made the book an entertaining read. I caught glimpses into everyone’s lives, but did start to miss a more typical narrative format around the midway point. Reading characters’ private conversations is indeed intriguing, but at times I wanted a more objective passage to orient myself in the story. 

I really enjoyed the characters and their quirks. Some characters were hilariously over the top and while they played a minor role in the story, really added to my level of enjoyment. I did feel that the story would slow down at times because the main points of the story were entirely in the format of conversations, but overall the story was well paced. I’m impressed a book centered around such a tough subject could be entertaining and sustainable in this format. It’s a quick and fun read and perfect for a relaxing weekend. 

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