The Mother-In-Law

Image Credits: LFSMusings

4/5 stars

This was originally published in Spring 2019, but St. Martin’s Press was kind enough to send me a copy ahead of the paperback release in exchange for an honest review. 

Lucy always struggled for her mother-in-law’s approval. She knew Diana may never consider her worthy, but Lucy tried her hardest anyways. A shocking day comes when the family is informed that Diana has died by suicide. The only thing is, the police are investigating the death as a possible homicide… What was Lucy and Diana’s relationship really like, and how does it play into the new turn of events?

I read this book in two evenings and could not put it down. It not only switched from different characters’ perspective, but it also jumped back and forth in the timeline. The alternating chapters allowed me to sympathize with every character and gain useful backstories and character development. *possible spoiler* There were some passages that were hard to read as an adopted person. 

I found the ending to be a bit predictable, but the story was still very enjoyable. It was a real page-turner that I could not put down. I’ll definitely be checking out Hepworth’s other books! If you haven’t read it already, The Mother-In-Law comes out in paperback in March 2020!

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