The Family Upstairs

Image Credits: LFSMusings

3/5 stars

On Libby Jones’ 25th birthday, she receives the letter she’s been expecting her whole life. As an adopted person, she’s fantasized about who her birth parents are, but now she knows. She also learns that she’s the sole inheritor to the family mansion. With this new information, she can start on a path to learning more about her identity and the disturbing circumstances that lead to her adoption. 

This was a slow burn for me. The story alternated between perspectives and back and forth in time. While it kept me intrigued, I didn’t find it thrilling. Instead, it was a disturbing story that let you witness a family slowly lose control and their grasp on reality. Readers should definitely be aware that passages include domestic violence/assault that may be triggering. 

As an adoptee, I was wary about how the adoption aspect would play into the story. I’ve read far too many books where an adoptee is either much better off by being adopted or so damaged they go on a revenge killing spree. Luckily, this story was more about one’s quest to discover who they are–a real journey that is true for many adoptees. 

The rest of the story was interesting, but I hope the pace would pick up. I found the flashbacks to be the most interesting chapters because I got glimpses into the sinister things happening in the house. The plot twist was unexpected, but I didn’t find it shocking. Overall, this was a creepy read but not the page-turning thriller I was expecting.

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