Advocacy Update !!!

Image Credit: LFSMusings

For the last few months, I’ve been evaluating my time investment when it comes to advocacy. Sadly, with my PhD progressing and side projects in the works, making even just monthly videos is no longer sustainable. Behind the scenes, I spend my time answering questions and sharing parts of myself with people through DMs… all in addition to my blog posts and advocacy on Instagram. I love helping, but often, people don’t consider how many other people are simultaneously messaging me.

After two years of this, I’ve finally begun setting up a Patreon. I’ll no longer be responding to DMs and emails (I’ve already stopped). Frankly, what happens is people ask very useful but very personal questions without sharing much about themselves. Of course, I understand this is to protect their privacy and safety, but I must do that, too. It’s very jarring to speak about vulnerable parts of myself when only knowing the name of the person asking me.

Image Credit: LFSMusings

I’ll be slowly moving away from YouTube. The occasional video will be up, but I’ll mostly be sharing videos (where I feel most vulnerable) in Patreon. This will essentially filter out trolls, toxic people, or those who want my energy but aren’t serious about investing their own.

Image Credit: LFSMusings

I’ll still be posting to Instagram and my blog, I’m making an effort to utilize the blog more because I love writing and I want to share about more than just adoption. Patreon members will have early access to content and access to Patreon-exclusive content. This is not consulting, and I will not be consulting.

So, TLDR; I’m restructuring my advocacy and will be utilizing Patreon to provide content. This will foster a healthier space and add a layer of protection for me. My DMs and email are closed. These changes will be slow, so please, be patient!

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