Oh, what a day

How do I begin this? I lost my faith in undergrads and then regained it about two seconds later.

I was walking to my building. It was the height of class changes, and undergraduates were rushing to get to class. One was in a giant hurry and cut me off in the process of maneuvering around a smaller group. I stepped off the sidewalk, rolled my ankle, and fell.

I get it. I was an undergrad once. I was stressed all of the time. Getting to class seemed like the most important thing I could do. But then he didn’t stop to help me 😦 My ankle was hurting. My jeans were ripped. My knee was bleeding. It was a bad day.

Image Credit: LFSMusings

See that rip to the left? That wasn’t there before. I’m not showing a picture of my actual knee because it’s all cut up and gross.

My faith in undergrads was restored when one stopped and helped me up. I hobbled my way to the bench outside of my building and then had my lab mate and friend come to help me.

The only thing that could be more inconvenient was the fact that we had a poster presentation for graduate student recruitment day today. Well, you’ll be happy to know that I made it. I rolled up a chair next to the poster and propped my ankle up and had successful conversations with my bloody knee and sprained ankle.

Image Credit: LFSMusings

Overall, this was not a good day, and my body hurts. But why not blog about it because it’s the story of how I hobbled around campus with some gnarly injuries and did not scare off any graduate student recruits.

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