My Adoption Story Pt. 63 | My College Decision

The first of a multi-part mini series! I share a bit about how I chose which colleHOW I DECIDED WHERE TO GO TO COLLEGE Deciding where to go to college can be stressful for anyone. I want to first say that my parents supported me through college. I am very grateful for this and recognize that many students do not have this privilege. As a transracial adoptee, I considered academics as well as diversity and internship opportunities when picking a college. I share my experience on how I decided and hope those of you going through a similar experience may not feel so alone in the decision process!

My videos are filmed and scheduled to publish weeks in advance. While I had the energy to discuss these topics then, I may be in a different place now. I don’t want any adoptee to feel like I am ignoring their connections. I just have to take care of myself as well.

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