Mid-May Update

The days have been the same in quarantine. I haven’t written on here in quite a while because there hasn’t been anything to update. I rebranded to include part of my Chinese name. AdopteeLilly was a great place to start, but I am much more than just an adoptee. LillyFei allows me to show my life as a transracial adoptee and show that I am resilient. I have restructured my advocacy to focus on connections with adoptees (versus education for parents). It was a much needed change and has allowed me to find my motivation again.

I’ve been filming a lot of videos, now that I have the time. It lets me create a backlog of content that will automatically be published each week. I feel good about this. Before, I just filmed and uploaded when I felt like it. Or rather, when an event happened that was worth publishing.

Now, even if there are periods where I don’t feel like advocating, there will be that backlog of videos being posted and helping adoptees stay connected while I am taking a step back behind the scenes.

Changing my target audience has already connected me with so many new adoptees. I hadn’t sought them out before because I was afraid of pulling them out of the fog too soon. Now, I am aware that many are actively searching for connection and validation. I feel so much better about my channel knowing that I know adoptees are directly benefitting from it.

Rumor has it that I will be getting back into the lab soon. I hope so. I miss work, and I am ready to get out. One exciting work-related thing was that I was nominated for an outstanding teaching award. It is definitely an honor to even be nominated, and I am pretty excited about it.

So overall, quarantine has been pretty boring. But that is also a privilege many don’t have. I was able to keep my job and lifestyle. If being bored is my biggest worry, then I am very lucky.

For now, I will keep creating content and practicing Chinese (yup! Being home means more time for Chinese). Stay safe and continue taking care of yourself. ~Lilly

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