MY ADOPTION STORY Pt. 65 Irked by Adoption Bloggers

I published this video ahead of schedule because it felt very right given the latest exploitation of a non-consenting transracial adoptee. If you follow adoption on social media, then you likely know of at least one adoption blogger that has shared a lot of private information about their family and adoption story. Adoption is a very personal and very sensitive subject. A child’s story of family separation and their journey to their adoptive family should be protected until all parties of the story are able to consent to it being shared. Adoption bloggers often share a little bit too much information about their child’s adoption and in the process, share a bit too much information about the child’s biological family.

I am thankful that my family never shared my adoption story for me. I am thankful that social media didn’t exist when I was growing up. Although I am an adoption blogger now, I am glad I have full ownership of my story and can curate the information I want to share.

My videos are filmed and scheduled to publish weeks in advance. While I had the energy to discuss these topics then, I may be in a different place now. I don’t want any adoptee to feel like I am ignoring their connections. I just have to take care of myself as well.

For Lilly’s Entire Adoption Playlist:…

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