My First Lash Extensions!

My naked lashes 🙂

If you know me at all, then you know that I’m an Asian woman. What does that mean? I have the dreaded, short, straight, pointing-down lashes. Thankfully they are pretty strong and relatively long (I condition them with castor oil). If I use an eyelash curler and waterproof mascara, I can keep them curled for most of the day. Despite this “success”, I was tired of trying to find my holy grail mascara that would not leave my lashes unhealthy and would give me those long, voluminous lashes so many others have.

After contemplating for almost an entire year and watching hundreds of YouTube videos, I decided to take the plunge and try lash extensions. I figured I’ll be stuck at home for at least the next two weeks anyways, so if they look terrible I can just wait for my lashes to go through their natural cycles and fall out.

Now, before you immediately decide to do this be aware this is a time and financial commitment. I have to adhere to my monthly budget and stick to my schedule or else they’ll start looking sparse and gross.

With extensions

I went in for my classic set and it took almost two hours. My lash tech (I love her) placed an individual lash on each of my own eyelashes. We discussed the curl (I got a D curl), length (I did 11 mm), and overall style (I went with an open eye). I laid on the table and definitely dozed off a few times. It was a super relaxing experience. The classic lashes ended up looking pretty natural and when I go for my refill, I’ll be trying for a more voluminous look (while making sure my lashes stay healthy and strong).

I am officially hooked. I love not needing to wear eyeliner or mascara anymore. I was already a pretty “natural” girl when it came to makeup and this will be a huge timesaver. I will try and take note of the retention and how my lashes look when it’s time for a fill-in. I’ll also be vlogging about it so if you want to keep updated, head over to my YouTube channel!

With extensions

If you are needing a little extra something for your lashes, consider trying extensions. Just know the commitment involved. I previously tried a lash lift and tint and it left my lashes feeling a little brittle and thin. Assuming the extensions are applied properly your natural lashes should remain healthy.

I don’t feel like I need the extensions to be beautiful, but sometimes having a daily timesaver that keeps your lashes looking bomb 24/7 is what you need in life 🙂

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