Profiting from family separation and trauma is WRONG.


Warning: You can read the article, but please reconsider watching their videos. Every click gives their monetized videos more ad money.

Almost 3 years ago when I began the adoptee advocacy journey on YouTube, this channel kept getting suggested to me. We even commented on one or two of each other’s videos when I was being welcomed into the YouTube community.

Even as a newbie, I immediately was put on high alert by the gross amount of oversharing in all of their videos (especially their adoption updates). After keeping my eye on them from afar since, I am sadly not surprised by any of this.

Adoptees have had EVERYTHING taken from us, and it is disgusting that we may also lose ownership over our stories because parents want to profit off of our loss.

I refuse to find the video and watch. I don’t want them to receive any more ad money from my click (assuming they are still profiting off of this story).

I’m angry they ever vlogged his adoption in the first place. I’m angry they are still sharing about this. I’m angry there are some in the adoption community who have NO ISSUE with what’s going on.

Editing to add: I urge you to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER what adoption content you are reading/watching, how much is being shared, and who is profiting from it. I cannot take watching any more young adoptees being exploited for views, subscribers, and ad money.

And if you want my full rant that is somehow ALWAYS relevant, watch here:

For more adoption videos:

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