Switching Planners During Quarantine??

I use a ring-bound planner system which makes switching super easy. Not surprising to me, I decided to switch up my system halfway through 2020 (and in the middle of quarantine). While I don’t have my usual plans of going out and socializing, I still schedule writing, reading, and filming.

I had been eying the Cloth and Paper inserts for a long time. I loved that the company is Black-owned and really admire the neutral tones of the company.

I opted for the vertical inserts and extra pages at the beginning of every month. I don’t really use the Important Dates page, but I do use the monthly overview to pre-plan and jot down important things before adding them to my weekly spread.

I am also in love with the accessories. The stickers help me track my YouTube schedule easily. I have yet to invest in the dashboards, but I am definitely interested because they are so minimalist and motivational.

I have 3 months of Cloth and Paper subscription boxes coming my way and am excited to share more goodies with you all!

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