Cloth and Paper June 2020 Box

Iconic dashboard

The day has arrived! My June Cloth and Paper subscription box was delivered (and 2 days early). This was my first-ever box, and I was very excited to see what there was inside. I received three packs of sticky notes/flags. I love the neutrals that Cloth and Paper has to offer and these will go really well with my planner. I also got a pack of stickers. I use these stickers to track my YouTube Channel, and I’m excited to add another color to my existing collection.

Stickers are more purple in real life

I also received a few dashboards. My favorite is definitely the ICONIC one. It overlays beautifully on my marbled dashboard (from Minted Sugar), and I love how you can still see my name peeking through from behind.

I am figuring out how I want to utilize the inserts I received. The Cornell Notes pages are nice, but I am not someone who jots down many notes in my planner. I really like the 5-year plan inserts. I’ll have to sit down and work on those and maybe keep them at my desk.

Sticky Notes

Lastly, the box included the weekly vertical planner inserts for July. I already use this format, so I plan to send those to my mom to try out. She will be able to see if this system works for her and if she wants to commit to it for 2021.

I am really happy with everything, and I can’t wait to see what is in the July box! Keep scrolling to see more pictures!

Dashboard (holiday page is part of planner inserts)
Notes and 5-Year Plan inserts
A laundry guide!

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