MY ADOPTION STORY Pt. 71 | Sharing your story on social media

I’ve been sharing my story on social media for two and a half years now. It has been a lot of fun connecting with fellow advocates, but sharing on social media comes with its challenges too. All too often, people just tell you to cut everyone off that doesn’t accept your true self. What happens if you don’t have the resources to do that? In this video, I share some of the things people should consider before posting “controversial” takes online. I would LOVE if people were just accepting and you could be yourself. Unfortunately, life is not that pretty.

My videos are filmed and scheduled to publish weeks in advance. While I had the energy to discuss these topics then, I may be in a different place now. I don’t want any adoptee to feel like I am ignoring their connections. I just have to take care of myself as well.

For Lilly’s Entire Adoption Playlist:

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